Anthology Bundle
Five of Sweatdrop Studios's anthologies in one tempting bundle complete with a 20% discount! The bundle includes: Sugardrops, a whimsical journey through the cute, the sweet and the adorable, and our first ever ...
680 pages

Calendar print pack
A collection of 12 prints, one for each month. Featuring art by Hayden Scott-Baron, Chloe Citrine, Rebecca Burgess, Sonia Leong, Morag Lewis, Joanna Zhou, Laura Watton, Emma Vieceli, Irina Richards, Selina Dean, and ...
12 pages


Telling Tales
Sweatdrop Studios presents you with a collection of tales adapted from stories well-loved and time-tested. Contained within these pages you'll find fables from near and far; some will shock, some will surprise and ...
224 pages

Harajuku Zoo 2
The second issue sees Ami, koala PonPon and brown bear Sven on a whirlwind trip to London, which culminates in disaster when Sven inadvertently becomes a threat to national security. Meanwhile Ruriko and fluffy bunny ...
32 pages


A super-kawaii childhood adventure! After getting lost in a supermarket, little Ken meets an unexpected companion on the cookie shelf. Together they embark on an important, and quite tasty, quest. Includes a bonus ...
28 pages

Carlos & Sakura 2
Happy little animals... or are they really? Misanthropic hedgehog Carlos and whimsical bunny Sakura share everyday adventures in the forest. In this volume, Carlos makes a fatal error during a game of poker and must ...
24 pages


An anthology of stories created with courage and driven by determination. Sweatdrop Studios is proud to present Stardust, a new anthology containing seven original stories by various Sweatdrop artists that were ...
160 pages