The Drop - Issue 1
An awesome new magazine from Sweatdrop Studios showcasing our works, both new and old! Find brand new series from our members, or dip your toes into our back catalogue; with stories across all kinds of different genres ...
120 pages

A Spell Of Scarlet
“I promised Ciel that I would do anything for you. I am your sheath, your shield. Yours. And when it came down to it, I was not enough.” After centuries fighting the forces of darkness on her own, Rua was given a ...
256 pages


The Spectrum Of Scarlet
The second artbook of 'The Chronicles Of Ciel' series of illustrated fantasy Manga light novels by Sonia Leong, published with Sweatdrop Studios. 'The Spectrum Of Scarlet' is the artbook accompanying 'A Spell Of ...
40 pages

The Colours Of Magic
The artbook which accompanies the light novel 'A Brush With Magic'. Filled with full colour illustrations, concept sketches of the characters with design notes, full turnarounds, extra scenes and fun bonus content!
44 pages


A Brush With Magic
"I am her blessed one. And for six hundred years, I was the only one... Do you realise how long I've been waiting for you?" When Rua frees Silas from some bandits, the seasoned warrior takes the student mage under ...
224 pages

Sparkling Drop and Shimmering Drop
Celebrating 20 years of Sweatdrop Studios and creating independent art and comics; Sparkling Drop and Shimmering Drop showcase a variety of members and works from 2001-2021! This special deal includes both books and a ...
704 pages


Shimmering Drop
Celebrating 20 years of Sweatdrop Studios and creating independent art and comics; Shimmering Drop showcases a variety of members and works from 2010-2021! Red Riding Hood - Marbles The Prince and the Pauper - ...
336 pages

FujoFujo 1
Simone has moved into a shared house for the first time, with a pal from her university days. The reality is far from the grown-up, yet girly lifestyle she was imagining, as her housemates turn out to be Fujoshi: the ...
36 pages


Anthology Bundle
Five of Sweatdrop Studios's anthologies in one tempting bundle complete with a 20% discount! The bundle includes: Sugardrops, a whimsical journey through the cute, the sweet and the adorable, and our first ever ...
680 pages

Aya Takeo complete collection 1-3
Now offering a huge saving off the combined cover price (normally £8.99 each / £26.97 total) when you buy the complete series, get all three volumes of Aya Takeo for only £15! Aya Takeo is a story of space, ...
192 pages