A Pocketful of Clouds vols 1-8
A comic about cats, clouds and the little things that are important. Jenny has just moved to Eyrton, looking for skies to paint. But there's much more than skies in store for her. From the mysterious mistcats to the ...
1024 pages

A Pocketful of Clouds volume 8
All good things. New and old friends arrive in Eyrton. Khenaten has to work on his clock tower theory, Shansa needs to show her working, and Jenny is still struggling with her art. All these efforts are brought to a ...
128 pages


FujoFujo 1
Simone has moved into a shared house for the first time, with a pal from her university days. The reality is far from the grown-up, yet girly lifestyle she was imagining, as her housemates turn out to be Fujoshi: the ...
36 pages

Koneko 3
Koneko is a big bumper zine serialising several comics by Selina Dean. The third issue continues with the third chapter of Bell Ringers, the final part of the first chapter of Ohayo Sunday Afternoon, and the second Pony ...
76 pages


Sweatdrop Studios presents Sugardrops, a whimsical journey through the cute, the sweet and the adorable. Thirteen artists each offering their own personal take on the cute theme, with a delectable variety of ...
128 pages

Words to Make you Happy
A set of six cards for all occasions. Inside is left blank for your own message.
6 pages


Jarred Volume 1
Meet Lilah, a sixteen-year-old just trying to live a normal (but popular) life... OK, she might be a little manipulative, but that's a small sin on the way to the top. But she's far from being the normal being she ...
60 pages

Harajuku Zoo 2
The second issue sees Ami, koala PonPon and brown bear Sven on a whirlwind trip to London, which culminates in disaster when Sven inadvertently becomes a threat to national security. Meanwhile Ruriko and fluffy bunny ...
32 pages


Love Stuffing vol.1
Wishing she could get Steve to love her the way she loves her soft toys, Jenny wonders if the secret to being loved is in the stuffing itself. Comparing herself to the more popular girls in class, she realises her ...
192 pages

A super-kawaii childhood adventure! After getting lost in a supermarket, little Ken meets an unexpected companion on the cookie shelf. Together they embark on an important, and quite tasty, quest. Includes a bonus ...
28 pages