Sparkling Drop
Morag Lewis, Dock, En Gingerboom, Faye Yong, Joanna Zhou, Vanessa Wells
Celebrating 20 years of Sweatdrop Studios and creating independent art and comics; Sparkling Drop showcases a variety of members and works from 2001-2009!

A Message to You - Keds
Absent - Hwei
VK UK - Niki Hunter
Detached - Hayden Scott-Baron
Mango Milkshake - Stephanie Drewett
Distant Thunder - Tiffany "Foxy" Fox
Shrouded - Vanessa Wells
Nimbus Base - Hannah Saunders
New Year's Kiss - Sarah Burgess
The Usual Gang - Yuriko Kihara
Duel Class - Cin Skywind
Carlos & Sakura - Joanna Zhou
Flowers - Fehed Said and Faye Yong

Pages: 368
Size: A5 (148 x 210 mm)
Age Rating: Mature (16+)
Genre: Drama, Fantasy
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