Views From Another Place (Russian)
Three short stories by Sergei Lewis (Russian language). There is no wind, there is no grass. There is wind-blowing-over-grass, and grass-swaying-in-the-wind, and the two are the same: a ripple of lines merging with a ...
40 pages

Harajuku Zoo 2
The second issue sees Ami, koala PonPon and brown bear Sven on a whirlwind trip to London, which culminates in disaster when Sven inadvertently becomes a threat to national security. Meanwhile Ruriko and fluffy bunny ...
32 pages


Love Stuffing vol.1
Wishing she could get Steve to love her the way she loves her soft toys, Jenny wonders if the secret to being loved is in the stuffing itself. Comparing herself to the more popular girls in class, she realises her ...
192 pages

London Underworld
((Reduced price! The price has been marked down by £1 due to some small damage on the spine of the book.)) Amelia Worton is spoiled, wealthy, and bored of her pampered Victorian upper class life style. She ...
170 pages


Drop Dead Monstrous
Drop Dead Monstrous features seven new comics about all sorts of monsters - from the close-to-home monsters you might find in your back yard, to exotic monsters from fairy tales, from the other side of the world, and ...
128 pages

Once Upon a Time
Once Upon a Time... stories of our time, the here and now. What challenges do we face when we have to grow up? Look through the eyes of different people as they deal with their personal battles, face the truth and ...
160 pages


A super-kawaii childhood adventure! After getting lost in a supermarket, little Ken meets an unexpected companion on the cookie shelf. Together they embark on an important, and quite tasty, quest. Includes a bonus ...
28 pages

All That Matters
If everything you valued was gone. If it was you who committed the crime. If you've lost everything, even control of your actions. Is there anything you can do? What else is there that matters?
28 pages


Carlos & Sakura 2
Happy little animals... or are they really? Misanthropic hedgehog Carlos and whimsical bunny Sakura share everyday adventures in the forest. In this volume, Carlos makes a fatal error during a game of poker and must ...
24 pages

Blue is for Boys
A 'shounen manga' approach to nine short stories. This is one of a pair of books, where the stories are closely intertwined and explore the differences between shojo and shonen manga. Every story has a corresponding ...
132 pages