Aya Takeo complete collection 1-3
Now offering a huge saving of 25% off the combined cover price when you buy the complete series, get all three volumes of Aya Takeo for only £20! Aya Takeo is a story of space, time, civilisation and star-crossed ...
192 pages

Twenty Thirty Three
“United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland War Effort. Please Stand By.” Molly, Ruby and Phyllis are university students in England that get caught up in the turmoil of surviving a terrible disaster. ...
24 pages


Jigsaw Pieces 2
Warning! This is not a comic! This is Jigsaw Pieces 2, another collection of illustrated short stories. The four stories cover archaeologists in space - the sequel - plus a scientist sent to uncover the nefarious ...
72 pages

Sunny's Field
Anna, a robot, and Sunny the pet mechanical bird are left alone in an apartment after their owner dies. Both of them are unable to leave, so that neighbour's son who keeps coming round sure is annoying.
40 pages


Allsorts 1
A collection of short stories, four comics and one text with pictures, for readers of 8 and up.
16 pages

Artifaxis 10
Results and Conclusions The world is ending. A strange flying ship is attacking Sarani; the nomads' oases are drying up; the raft is destroyed. Shirin is missing, Rua has been captured, and Miriam and Maren can only ...
64 pages