A Pocketful of Clouds vols 1-5
A comic about cats, clouds and the little things that are important. Jenny has just moved to Eyrton, looking for skies to paint. But there's much more than skies in store for her. From the mysterious mistcats to the ...
640 pages

A Pocketful of Clouds volume 5
Different Skies The inhabitants of Eyrton rise to new challenges as school starts, Iselle learns to bake, Cian acquires new equipment and a new pet, and Erlea investigates mistcats, with Shansa's enthusiastic ...
128 pages


Anthology Bundle
Five of Sweatdrop Studios's anthologies in one tempting bundle complete with a 20% discount! The bundle includes: Sugardrops, a whimsical journey through the cute, the sweet and the adorable, and our first ever ...
680 pages

Mega Pack
A big selection of comics and art by En! These bundles contain the final copies of various products, which will never ever be reprinted, plus a few exclusive items. Don't miss this great opportunity to grab these ...
17 pages


Trade Winds
Kirill and Arika run a trading wherry, braving the Blight to sail between the cities of the fenland nation of Vehn, trusting to the protection of the runes on the wherry when a Blight storm hits between harbours. The ...
218 pages

A Brush With Magic
“I am her blessed one. And for six hundred years, I was the only one… Do you realise how long I’ve been waiting for you?” When Rua frees Silas from some bandits, the seasoned warrior takes the student mage ...
224 pages


Birds of a Feather
Chiamaka, Vigilate of the Night Watch, has a corpse on her hands. Her suspects include the victim's wife, his lawyer, and perhaps even the man he robbed shortly before his death. Then there's also the bookseller who ...
20 pages

Aya Takeo complete collection 1-3
Now offering a huge saving of 25% off the combined cover price when you buy the complete series, get all three volumes of Aya Takeo for only £20! Aya Takeo is a story of space, time, civilisation and star-crossed ...
192 pages


Looking for the Sun volumes 1-4
Somewhere among the myriad worlds there is one which has lost its sun. All the hydrogen's still there at the centre of the solar system, where the sun used to be, but the world is in darkness and will eventually die if ...
852 pages

The Tea Book
A collection of tea-themed characters illustrated by a wealth of UK talent. Enjoy our blend of personaliteas! Contains thirty-five full colour illustrations plus concept art, comments and sketches.
82 pages