Sweatdrop Studios is a UK-based independent publisher and comic collaborative creating original manga-styled comics.

With over eighty titles including large scale anthologies, we have a variety of styles and subject matter for all readers. The group is made up of 10 members, many of whom are professional illustrators and artists with numerous manga accolades/awards and published works.


Sweatdrop Studios and its members offer a range of services for clients interested in the anime/manga style. We are experienced in requests to:

- Create bespoke illustrations and artwork
- Create or collaborate on manga, comics and sequential art
- Write instructional books and guides on creating manga
- Deliver workshops and presentations on manga

Please feel free to view any of our members profiles above, where you can see samples of their work, links to their private websites and direct contact links. For group Contact information, click here.

Thanks to the support of our customers, we've been able to sustain and develop the group, and we intend to keep developing. We hope you enjoy our comics and continue to support us.

Please buy our printed comics online!

See our Payment & Shipping details below, concerning the payment methods we accept. Orders can be sent out internationally. Other than online sales, we also sell doujinshi at all major UK anime conventions.

Please note that because we are a group of artists working together on an independent basis, we cannot offer work, work experience or work placements.


Some of the Companies and individuals we've worked with:


Please send email to the relevant address from the list below. It will be answered by one of the Admins within 48 hours.

Postal addresses can be supplied upon demand.

Sweatdrop Admin:
Joining Sweatdrop Applications:
Workshops & Events:
Website Problems:
Artwork Commissions:


Though a registered publisher, Sweatdrop is not an employer but a group of artists who come together to print and sell their own work under the one label. All print runs are paid for by the individual creators, excepting anthologies; the group does NOT cover individual printing costs and never has. What it does provide is a platform for new and older creators alike to self publish their own stories and sell them online and at events.

Sweatdrop is not a closed group and is happy to consider new members. If you are passionate about comics, have a completed comic at a high standard ready to print, are able to attend events in the UK, are familiar with Sweatdrop and our products and post regularly on the forum, please feel free to drop us a line on - we'd be happy to hear from you. ^_^

Before you contact us, please read through our Joining FAQ where you will also find the information we require you to send in.

Click here for Contact information. Please note that as we still love to attend conventions and events as a group, there are certain times of the year where application processsing will slow down and even pause. These times fall between February and October mostly. Please be patient and understand that con season is a manic time for any comics group. We advise that hopeful applicants use these times to work on getting their applications and their comics ready to send in the quieter times. We will always endeavour to respond to every request.


Some essential things you would need before applying:
  • Live in the UK

  • Create original comics

  • Have one completed comic of high standards ready to print

  • Take considerable influence from Japanese manga

  • Are friendly and willing to work within a group

  • Are committed to seeing projects through to fulfilment

  • Are willing to learn and expand your skills

  • You should have the facility to provide digital content (over the internet or on CDR)

  • You should be over 16.

It's a bonus if you have experience with printing and digital prepress, but not essential. If you have printed a comic previously by any means, that's great! We also like applicants to have a little familiarity with the titles we produce, not as a sales tactic but more so you know what you're getting yourself into. A small selection of our comics are available to read online here.

Why Join Sweatdrop?

As a member of Sweatdrop some of the benefits you receive will be:
  • Advertisement of your comic in other titles

  • Option of joining group print runs

  • Option to participate in group projects and anthologies

  • International sales through the website

  • Sales at anime conventions and other events in the UK

  • ISBNs for graphic novel style books

There are a few conditions that come with membership of Sweatdrop:
  • 20% of the cover price must be given to the group to cover distribution and other miscellaneous costs

  • You need to be a member of our forum, as all group discussion takes place there

  • You must print the Sweatdrop logo on your comic's cover at a legible size

  • You are required to have at least one page of adverts for other people's titles

  • We don't handle comics printed through services provided by other circles

We regret that we cannot accept applications from the following:
  • People who are already a member of another UK circle

  • Hentai/Yaoi/Yuri comics

  • Comics using existing IPs (i.e. fan comics, doujinshi)

  • People who are not living in the UK

  • People who are under 16

Advice for applicants

Be realistic! Epics are very tempting, but shorter stories are easier to complete and more satisfying to compile. Remember that even the pros in Japan can take ten years to finish their epics, sometimes longer, and they're working on them full time with assistants!

Don't be disheartened. If you get turned down, don't feel too bad! Just keep working hard and try again. It's worth noting that not all our members were successful on their first application, but they were persistent enough to get there in the end. Also, noticeable improvement in your art or writing means just as much as being an amazing artist to begin with.

We can't take people under 16, but if you are keen to make comics, then no matter what your age, you are more than welcome to join our forums and share art, critique and general chat about drawing and making comics ^^

Our requirement for a forum username is not just a box to tick, it's because we'd like to know you, at least a little bit, before you apply (and it would be good if you knew us too!). Please don't create a username and then not post anything, because your application will be rejected. Instead, get posting and see how you like the forums and the group, and apply after you've spent at least a few weeks here.

Please be aware that we are very busy during convention season (Feb-Oct), so applications processing will slow down or even pause altogether during these times. Please be patient and understand that con season is a manic time for any comics group.

Application Form

Please send us the following:


Sweatdrop Forum Username:




Tell us a little about the comic(s) you’re working on or have completed (titles, summaries, length, goals for your projects):

Do you have your comic online? If so, what’s the URL?:

Sample pages: (Attach or give links to pages from your comic(s). Please send at least 20 sequential pages; we need to see storytelling as well as artistic skill. If you have multiple short comics, please send a total of 20 or more pages from as many comics as necessary. If you are emailing pages, please send jpgs of no more than 1000 pixels wide)

Please remember to be patient! We will get back to you ^_^


Orders are dispatched twice weekly. Within the UK, your comics will be sent by first class mail and should arrive within two working days of being dispatched, unless the total weight is greater than 1.25kg, in which case your order will be sent as a standard parcel and will take between three and five days to arrive. When items are shipped, you will receive an e-mail informing you of this. Orders placed up until 6pm on any workday will be sent in the next shipment.

UK orders typically take 3 days, International takes 5 to 10 days, from day of shipping; orders will be sent by airmail and priced accordingly. Shipping costs are calculated at Checkout after you provide us with your address. You will be shown this before committing to the purchase of your order.

Please allow 21 days before contacting us regarding missing orders. If your order has not arrived by then, contact us quoting your Order ID in the subject line. Click here for Contact information.

We currently accept payment via PayPal. You do not need to be registered with PayPal to use the service. PayPal accepts Visa, Visa Delta, Visa Electron, Switch/Maestro, Solo, MasterCard and American Express.

Once you're ready to purchase, simply click the 'Checkout' link in your cart. If you would like to update or delete your items, click on 'Full View' in your cart.