Views From Another Place (Russian)
Three short stories by Sergei Lewis (Russian language). There is no wind, there is no grass. There is wind-blowing-over-grass, and grass-swaying-in-the-wind, and the two are the same: a ripple of lines merging with a ...
40 pages

Drop Dead Monstrous
Drop Dead Monstrous features seven new comics about all sorts of monsters - from the close-to-home monsters you might find in your back yard, to exotic monsters from fairy tales, from the other side of the world, and ...
128 pages


All That Matters
If everything you valued was gone. If it was you who committed the crime. If you've lost everything, even control of your actions. Is there anything you can do? What else is there that matters?
28 pages

Artifaxis 10
Results and Conclusions The world is ending. A strange flying ship is attacking Sarani; the nomads' oases are drying up; the raft is destroyed. Shirin is missing, Rua has been captured, and Miriam and Maren can only ...
64 pages


Pink is for Girls
A 'shoujo manga' approach to nine short stories. This is one of a pair of books, where the stories are closely intertwined and explore the differences between shojo and shonen manga. Every story has a corresponding ...
132 pages

An anthology of stories created with courage and driven by determination. Sweatdrop Studios is proud to present Stardust, a new anthology containing seven original stories by various Sweatdrop artists that were ...
160 pages


Tetraspace 1: Purgatory
A series of unsettling short stories by different artists, with writing by Mary. "If I was reincarnated, I'd come back as a cat." I've heard people say that. Haven't you? But what if being a cat isn't that great a ...
28 pages