A Brush With Magic
"I am her blessed one. And for six hundred years, I was the only one... Do you realise how long I've been waiting for you?" When Rua frees Silas from some bandits, the seasoned warrior takes the student mage under ...
224 pages

The Colours Of Magic
The artbook which accompanies the light novel 'A Brush With Magic'. Filled with full colour illustrations, concept sketches of the characters with design notes, full turnarounds, extra scenes and fun bonus content!
44 pages


A Brush With Magic SIGNED PACK
This special bundle pack contains: 1 x 'A Brush With Magic' light novel 1 x 'The Colours Of Magic' artbook 1 x A4 print 'Dual Assault' All three items have been personally signed by the artist/author!
269 pages