Badge Set B
Five badges for the price of four! Featuring artwork from Sweatdrop members, including Nute from Dragon Heir, Lilah from Jarred and Sueto-chan herself ^^
0 pages

Sun Fish Moon Fish
Justice can be costly... The Royal Family have been murdered, and the main suspect is the Court Mage Anciarin, who fled the scene in suspicious circumstances. However, not everyone is convinced of Anciarin's guilt. ...
256 pages


The Faucon
The faucon hath born my mak away. Lulley, lully, lulley, lully, The faucon hath born my mak away. A illuminated comic based on the medieval hymn, the story focuses on a Templar Knight. Each cover has been hand ...
12 pages

Sun Fish Moon Fish comic pack 2
The Royal Family have been murdered during an important religious ceremony during which all the faithful seclude themselves in their rooms. The one foreigner in the Palace at the time was the Court Mage, Anciarin en ...
148 pages


Ambient Rhythm volume 2
There is no magic in the world. Ildyrium's sorcerers died hundreds of years ago, and their lore with them, or so says the official history. Surrounded by conflicting evidence, Cato and Thea struggle to make sense of it ...
186 pages

Dragon Heir: Reborn
In this world, the Spirits govern all. You live by your spirit sign, you serve the Spirit World. Protus, one of four Dragon Heirs, sets out on a journey to gather the heirs and take them to the location chosen for ...
240 pages


Jarred Volume 1
Meet Lilah, a sixteen-year-old just trying to live a normal (but popular) life... OK, she might be a little manipulative, but that's a small sin on the way to the top. But she's far from being the normal being she ...
60 pages

Telling Tales
Sweatdrop Studios presents you with a collection of tales adapted from stories well-loved and time-tested. Contained within these pages you'll find fables from near and far; some will shock, some will surprise and some ...
224 pages


Chemical Blue - Volume 2
Some chemical reactions are inevitable, irreversible - and unstoppable. Amber's life is made even more complicated by the arrival of a brassy young photographer! Is he as annoying as he seems - or is there a genuine ...
220 pages

Views From Another Place (English)
Three short stories by Sergei Lewis (English language). There is no wind, there is no grass. There is wind-blowing-over-grass, and grass-swaying-in-the-wind, and the two are the same: a ripple of lines merging with a ...
40 pages