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-NOT the previously mentioned lizard-woman. -My friends (and all the sheer insanity that came from them) -Sailor Moon -In fact, everything.
General Interests:
Of course, anime and manga. I have a penchant for photography. Although I haven't done so in a while, cosplay is a personal fave. Amongst others.
MinamiCon Japanese Art Festival (JAF) Kent ANIMEted Manga High Newangle Productions
I started my manga life ignoring math work and filling my exercise book instead with doodles of Sailor Moon. My first attempt at serious manga was for my art project, but me and the teacher didn't see eye-to-eye. I fought for some time, some bad words were exchanged from student to teacher and vice versa. I'd like to describe it as an 'epic battle of artistic proportions' but in essence it was slap-happy squabble between a crusty, angsty lizard-woman and and a raving loon with otaku POWER.

I left sixth form with a disheartening 'D' in Art & Design. Two years later, I was welcomed with open arms into Kent ANIMEted, a UKC Anime Society who loved my drawings, and now Sweatdrop have allowed me to join the ranks!