Talking to Strangers
Sonia Leong
A girl trapped in a box, a boy chained to a rock and a friendship between a child and a flower. These are just a few of the themes that storyteller Fehed Said explores in this collection. Joining Fehed Said, the acclaimed writer behind SLG's Clarence Principle, and Sonia Leong, the award winning artist behind SMH's Romeo & Juliet is a sterling lineup of the UK's best new talent. Featuring artwork from Nana Li, Wing Yun Man, Chloe Citrine and Faye Yong.

"It was such a varied mix of stories" says Said. "When I was trying to come up with the title for the book, I wanted to find a connection between them all. Evidently, the critical moments in each piece came up as the protagonist's talked with strangers."

Nana Li was the artist for 'Box', and sums up that story as: "It's a short and dark story, but I think the ending will leave a tingling sensation in the spine." The same could certainly be said about the reading experience of this title. From the morbid fairy-tale style 'Malignant' and the sweetness of 'Flowers'; this anthology showcases a variety in storytelling and artistic talent.
Pages: 224
Size: Digest (140 x 216 mm)
Age Rating: Mature (16+)
Genre: Drama
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