Dragon Heir: Reborn
Emma Vieceli
In this world, the Spirits govern all. You live by your spirit sign, you serve the Spirit World.

Protus, one of four Dragon Heirs, sets out on a journey to gather the heirs and take them to the location chosen for Spiratu's Ritual of Transcendence. This act will leave the four young men free of the dangerous dragon spirits they have harboured since they were born; free to begin their mortal lives with Spiratu's blessing.

However, in a world where fate has spawned not one but two sets of Dragon Heirs, what guarantee is there that a prophecy so ancient can be fulfilled at all? And just what could failure mean for the Dragon's human hosts?


Dragon Heir: Reborn gathers together the reworked first 5 issues of the comic, as well as issues 6 - 9 as they were originally printed; the whole series to date in one handy volume.

Whether you're new to this Eagle Award-nominated series, or a long-time reader, this is the definitive edition to own!

ISBN: 9781905038299
Pages: 240
Size: Digest (140 x 216 mm)
Age Rating: Teen (13+)
Genre: Action, Fantasy
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