Bird's Eye View
Nikiruka is finding being associated with the Vigiles is a mixed blessing. This time it has led to an actual commission, to clear his client's name of an accusation of murder six months old. Chiamaka has her own ...
32 pages

Two Birds, One Stone
Mercer Manash has been murdered, and the most obvious suspect has come straight to Nikiruka for help! That means, of course, that Chiamaka will have to deal with it, although it ought to be the Day Watch's job. Finding ...
24 pages


Bird in the Hand
Nikiruka has been called on to assist the Watch once again, but not by Chiamaka this time. The Vigilate has been arrested on suspicion of murder, with a clear motive and no alibi. The Watch is short-staffed, so Custos ...
29 pages

The Early Bird
Called to investigate a theft, Chiamaka, Vigilate of the Night Watch, finds the owner of the stolen artwork died the same night, and in the doctor's opinion, it was not natural. Suspects for the theft abound, but what ...
28 pages


Birds of a Feather
Chiamaka, Vigilate of the Night Watch, has a corpse on her hands. Her suspects include the victim's wife, his lawyer, and perhaps even the man he robbed shortly before his death. Then there's also the bookseller who ...
20 pages