Blue is for Boys
Dock, Laura Watton-Davies, Selina Dean
A 'shounen manga' approach to nine short stories.

This is one of a pair of books, where the stories are closely intertwined and explore the differences between shojo and shonen manga. Every story has a corresponding tale in Pink is for Girls.
  • Alive in Triumph
    Sam Brown (Subi)
  • Two Halves: Blue Seas
    Hayden Scott-Baron (Dock)
  • Quest for Chenezzar
    Rik Nicol
  • Unmade Melody
    Sarah Burgess
  • Steel Destrier
    Hannah Saunders (Muse), story by Mary Beaird
  • Steaming
    Laura Watton
  • Rotten
    art by Stephanie Drewett, story by Fehed Said
  • Super Brother
    Selina Dean
  • Transmutation
    art by Vanessa Wells, story by Selina Dean

Pages: 132
Size: Digest (140 x 216 mm)
Age Rating: Teen (13+)
Genre: Action, Shounen
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