Shimmering Drop
Morag Lewis, Bex, Emma Vieceli, En Gingerboom, Irina Richards, Rowan Clair, Ruth Keattch, Selina Dean, Shazleen Khan, Sonia Leong
Celebrating 20 years of Sweatdrop Studios and creating independent art and comics; Shimmering Drop showcases a variety of members and works from 2010-2021!

Red Riding Hood - Marbles
The Prince and the Pauper - Rebecca Burgess
Chemical Blue - Irina Richards
Dragon Heir - Emma Vieceli
Island - Selina Dean
Rel El - En Gingerboom
A Brush With Magic - Sonia Leong
White Violet - Shazleen Khan
Defenders of the Sunset City: Aliya - Morag Lewis
Jarred - Ruth Keattch
MCM Comic Con Collaborations - Various

ISBN: 9781905038602
Pages: 336
Size: A5 (148 x 210 mm)
Age Rating: Mature (16+)
Genre: Drama, Fantasy
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