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Old 04-07-2007, 12:01 AM   #1
You gotta believe!
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Default Summer Holidays!

As long as you don't look out you window, you may have realised summer is upon us ^_^

So... what's everyone's plans? Put your holiday dates on here as well so we don't think you've gone and died off the internet

My orchestra's going on tour to Holland from 5th-10th July! Legal drugs and red light district... possibly the best place to take a teenage trip with only 4 supervisors ! Then I'm going to Malaysia from 13th-28th July with my family to see relatives and do LOTS of manga related shopping , ouuu, how I love exchange rates~~!

I want to dedicate a lot of my holiday to my GCSE art projects... I'm painting my portrait ATM and I want it pretty much finished by the end of summer (or is that wishful thinking? XD). I always have this big idea to like... learn another language or be super productive over summer! Hmmm... I'm also doing charity work, need to raise 100 for HopeHIV from a baking business I've set up with friends. We raised 1200 with my idea last term ^_^!

Course... I'll be wasting much time with friends as well ^_^! Fake Reading Fest, Innocent Village Fete with normal friends.... and making cosplays and playing Wii with my new expo friends
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Old 04-07-2007, 12:12 AM   #2
Mr Randomidity
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For me my Summer Holiday is from whenever I complete updating Shrotaku, updating Lotaku, my NEO Mag entry and getting merchandise prepared for Telford Expo, until July 20th. In that tiny gap I'll hopefully catch up on all the sleep I've lost over the last couple of months.
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Old 04-07-2007, 12:49 AM   #3
Assassin of Reality
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Same here, i will also be getting my regular sleep patterns on track (i guess the very fact im on here this late tells you something ) Also hope to polish my Tennis skills ready for any south district tournaments, i plan on spending quite alot of time on this but also leaving alot of time for drawing practice etc. very much doing my own thing, as i dont have any deadlines to meet etc. keeping mind and body healthy, perhaps enjoying the Wii im getting for my birthday for a few days and just having what i call fun, Drawing and Tennis, life couldnt get any better
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Old 04-07-2007, 01:41 AM   #4
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SSSNAP dwinky!
I'm going to Amsterdam for a week next sunday with my dutch mate! Gonna be great and I'm bobbing up and down with exitement whenever i think about it!
And yeah, then on the 14th I'll be going to Barcelona to study le spanish for three weeks with the same mate.
Hope your orchestra tour goes well and good luck with your GCSE art, raising money and such.

In fact, I hope everyone has a kickass summer and that the weather stops being borderline and decides to be sunny.
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Old 04-07-2007, 07:36 AM   #5
Sun Kitten
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Sweatdrop Admin

No holiday for me this summer... sads! But we're going away for a week in September, anf there's JapanEx and Amecon before that (although to be fair, those are hardly relaxing, chilled out times ).
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Old 04-07-2007, 08:00 AM   #6
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Originally Posted by dwinky View Post
I'm also doing charity work, need to raise 100 for HopeHIV from a baking business I've set up with friends. We raised 1200 with my idea last term ^_^!
thats awesome!!! have fun on your trip with your orchestra too!!!

my summer holiday starts ....this friday. but I'll really miss my friends and stuff. we dont seem to spend enough time in college. T_____T I love it there. and we generally go back after schools too. so its a LONG holiday for me. even tho I dont want one.

Im working on all the comp entries all holiday. RSOM, neo, jiman and the SD comp for japan ex.. the weather forecast atm is that we'll get one sunny day on 15th july and then thats it till next year. but I dont mind really as I hate sunny hot sticky days .... but it would be nice if it didnt rain so much. I cant draw outside when it rains. butfrom the amount that needs doing ... I wont be leaving my house for a while.

awh well.
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Old 04-07-2007, 08:16 AM   #7
The Dark One
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Well i got a wedding to go to on saturday, and i was panning to got to Great Yarmouth, but thanks to the Great British weather i'm not going now. So ill just go to JapanEx instead.

Hopefully, next smmer i'll have raised enough money to go to Japan.
Death had it's chance, next time I'll be ready for you
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Not much holiday for me!! ^^;;;

I too need to work on my art GCSE coursework and I am not doing very well so far..XD(both of my units are incomplete at the moment but I am not losing marks..XD).
I will also be filling my summer holidays with 6 huge projects(4 of them are super huge school ones, I don't think i could even get one finished).

I am trying to find some time to learn languages by myself too and friends(if they are not planning huge holiday breaks..XD). And I will also be trying to learn a few new music pieces..XD

Nevertheless, I do get a week of holiday in Hagen(Dortmund, Germany I think? never been to Germany before.) with a music group, yay.^__^

And that's basically it...boring with fun parts I guess?
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Old 04-07-2007, 04:54 PM   #9
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I totally miss my school holidays! When I was at Uni I used to get crappy jobs to help save money for the term. No comic making for me much Let's see who can complete a comic in their summer hols... however going by the sounds of these busy bees, you guys won't have much time to do so!
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Queen of Epic Stuff
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No summer holidays here T_T just work, work, more work, with a long weekend for Amecon ;_;


Independant Artist ~ Animator~ Comic Artist
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can't spell... (._.)
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I'm doing an internship at uni until middle of August, after which I'll probably go home, provided I don't need to resit any exams.

I have a bunch of stuff I want/need to do this summer in the manga area though.
All of these competitions is more than enough to keep me busy but all of my comicking plans may be overthrown tomorrow or the day after when I find out if I need to retake any exams. If I do, big projects like RSOM wont' be happening...

I also need to make my own website, I'm starting to feel embarrassed constantly referring people to my Deviantart gallery at events.

Next week I'm going to Portugal on holiday with my family. I'm not sure what's worth seeing though, any tips?

All in all a pretty busy summer!
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Well im just lounging about XD well i will be doing a comic in the summer holidays ^_^ and hopefully finish it before i go on holiday. *Going to Florida last two weeks of summer hols* so i have 4 weeks to do the comic :3

other than that i might go out with friends a little XD;; *is a hermit* but yeah XD; comic making for meh.

Hope everyone enjoys theres. and have a great time everyone whoes going on holiday/doing stuff with the school or something 8D
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lord of the hand towels
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my holidays are consisting of 1st of july till the 3rd of ausugst i am being a care worker with autistic children, which so far is soooooo fun then on friday the 13th (eeeeep) of july i start my second job at a ware house whih i will carry in until the 1st of september when i MOVE OUT booyaaaaa, im so excited, should be sooooooo fun, also i am laying out the finishing touches to my manga story and hope to have the front page and page one completed by mid august

i also have my Bday (19th yay!) and i am getting a tatoo for it XD which should be fun can't wait till that, and theres the edinburgh fringe festivale to look forward to

and ontop of this i am going to the gym every week mon-thursday and saturday, which i have been going to for a week and so far i have lost 4 lbs yaaaaay hopefully i will drop a stone by 1st of septemeber.... but we will seee

no ones perfect... but im soo damm close it scares me
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Sweatdrop Admin

I'm currently working on a new version of my website (click the link below and be anticipated ). My parents are coming in two weeks for my graduation ceremony and to help me pack up my flat. Then it's JapanexLondon...really excited about it, and possibly my last big event for some time. I leave for Vienna 3 days later to begin a self designated 'gap year' which involves drawing manga and getting food on demand from my mum . Will also need to brush up on my seriously dusty driving skills and get intimate with my car. There's plenty of Nintendo-playing in sight (Smash Bros Brawl & Phantom Hourglass...*joy to the world* ). Unfortunately I can't enter Manga Jiman because I won't be in the UK at the time of the deadline. I'll be working on some Carlos & Sakura and Harajuku Zoo instead. It's still slightly surreal to have finished uni and have your future entirely blank for the first time .

Joanna Zhou
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