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[quote=Kai Misashima;202126]
Originally Posted by redraven View Post
hi everyone I'm looking for 2 or 3 (but more the merrier) writers or(and) artists inkers for collaboration on project(s) .
but they have to live in the UK

i am trying to gain more experience as a writer and have a massive enthusiasm in anime. If possible, maybe u could give me your email , or to shorten it and we can discuss how to do this ( be nice to hear from u=D
Ummmm, sorry, but I'm afraid this thread is six years old. The user who posted it hasn't been on these forums in years. You're new here, so why not introduce yourself on the introduction thread in the chat forum, and make a proper thread about your proposed project?
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drawing manga artist needed for Australian short film

Originally Posted by redraven View Post
hi everyone I'm looking for 2 or 3 (but more the merrier) writers or(and) artists inkers for collaboration on project(s) .
but they have to live in the UK

so what is the manga i want to create?
The reason I haven't given any plot lines is because I want it to be something we come up together .
I like a vast ray of styles and the best way for me to get across what type of manga I want to create is to list the anime I watch and manga I like to read and that inspire me to draw

d.n.angel/lagoon engine video girl AI
all of studio clamp works aim for the top2(gunbuster 2)
naruto case closed(detective Conan) bleach peach girl
inu yasha

what type of people I'm looking for ?

I like planning out manga and getting everything in place before starting the drawing, so I'm looking for people who are into doing it the same way.
also male or female who don't like just one style of manga , as I'm likely to want to make a magical girl manga aimed at girls, as I am a retro giant mecha comic .

how serious about this am I ?

Very as its my goal to be a published manga ka .
It may mean sacrifices being made for everyone involved, having to stay up late and not being able to go out with friends on a night out because you have a page to finish .

so am I a writer or an artist?

um I'm actually a bit of both but more of an artist my art style is in between studio clamp and yukiru sugisaki (d.n.angel) I would say my art is above average and don't back down from drawing backgrounds ,fight scenes or any other action scene.

about the artists I'm looking for , they don't have to be as good (or as bad as the case may be) as me ,as we are all in it to improve after all, but some talent is required.

oh also for the writers I'm not interested in any long drawn out epics to start with, more interested in doing movie length manga about one graphic novel long 2 at a push , the reason for this is it would be nice to show publishers completed stories and second of all it really annoying when on-line manga gets stopped half way through because they cant be bothered to do it anymore or want to start again

I think that is everything so hope I get a reply soon
I'm making a short film in Victoria, Australia this September. It's a 45 minute drama about a 16 year old boy and girl who each suffer cruelty from their peers, both physical and cyber bullying. They become unlikely friends because of it, and the boy launches a heroic move that influences his whole small town. In the story, he's an artist. He draws 'super-hero' manga comic art. I have a lead actor to play this role, but now I need his 'hands' to complete the sketching that helps him cope with the pain in his life, inspiring him to take a stand against the antagonists. Please contact me. Steve Gollasch... THANK YOU !!!!
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hi im a new artist looking for anyone wanting to do a small casual manga i am not very good at scenery as i have focused almost entirely on character design up to this point, but i am looking for a small project or something to put my skills up to a challange and see where i need to improve the most.

i will admit im throwing myself in the deep end here so im looking for someone whos willing to be patient with em and not expecting me to be lead artist.

im in wallington surrey (so sutton and croydon area) i would prefer someone in my area as its easier to do all this (yes i have just abotu all the equipment, just need to build up my markers some more and get more screen tone) here is where i would say (but i will be able to send the work via email" but my printer is buggered and i cant use it anymore so i am restricted purely to mail now.

if you wanna grab a refrance to some on my work you can check me out at deviant art just search for spiritretro (its what im using to present my work atm, i havent put everything i have on ym comp up yet and nothing on my comp is up to date (last scan was about 3-4 months ago)

also turns out deviant art doesnt like pdf
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I'm a writer and mediocre artist. I find I can do illustrations fine but when it comes to actually putting my writing into manga, I struggle. I'd love to team up with an artist.
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Default Writer Searching Artist

My name's Alex, I'm 20 years old, from the UK and I'm hoping to become a manga-writer. I've been writing my own stories for about seven years now.
Currently, I'm working on two series (shonen & seinen demographic). Both of them have slightly darker tones to them, but I'm willing to try any genre, any type of story, be it romance, action, horror or comedy.

Last year I studied part-time Japanese on top of my degree. This year I'll be incorporating it into my degree as an official module. I'm still a beginner but my aim is to write & get published in Japan in collaboration with an artist/partner who's aiming for the same thing. Preferably I'd like to go to Japan and write a hit, but I wouldn't mind starting off/debuting in the UK or the US given the current language barrier and working my way up.

Any artist who's around the same age, is interested in my goal and would consider partenering up with a writer, please get in touch with me.
I'll send copies of my work in exchange for samples of artwork.
My e-mail address is

If you send an e-mail title it Manga-Artist so that it doesn't go straight to the Junk folder.
Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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is all tied up!
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So, you am searching artist, is you? Maybe better it is, good grasp of grammar to have?

In all honesty - and seriousness - if you are looking for an artist it will be better for you to look through all the personal art threads on this forum until you find an artist you like, and then contact that person directly via PM.
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Multiple thread-necro!

You people who just posted (Lewington, Tesla, Azuchi) might want to consider making a separate thread with your posts.

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Default hi again

hi all finally returned from a long time away from the internet , was kind of shocked to still find this here , truth be told I kind of forgot about it lol

but I wouldnít mind another go at this , most of what I put in my first post is still true apart from my art style changing , I tend to draw in two styles ( why couldn't I be happy with one grumble grumble ) first is a retro style kind of like blue sonnet , yo yo cop (Sukeban Deka), Andromeda stories , quirky and fun

and the other style I have started to use is an attempt at something like KIMI NO IRU MACHI /Suzuka by SEO Kouji but it takes slightly longer to get pages finished but Iím hoping to speed up

oh and if other pencilers are interested teaming up as well I donít mind taking a back seat and inking or toning , cant be greedy now and hog all the pencilling

I will try contacting the people who have recently posted to still see if there still interested in this
hopefully we can team up and have some fun
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Wow o.o last reply was so long ago! So i'm probably out of a chance cuz this might be done or - oh wellz XD sounds like fun anywayz
My Dream is to be a full-time Manga-ka
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