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Default HEROBREAK: a suggestion comic

I decided to start a suggestion comic for fun over on the mspa forums, and it quickly became apparent that it was totally awesome, but more pressingly that the forum format was making pages increasingly hard to read. For this reason I set up a website for it!

If you're not familiar with suggestion comics like Homestuck, you'll find a guide on how to read and how to submit suggestions on the front page there.
You can submit suggestions for the characters to follow, which I incorporate into the story, including giving the characters names, telling them what to do and who to talk to etc.

Herobreak starts with a standard-seeming fantasy plot situation as our primary protagonist (as chosen and named by the readers) Minerva Dawson, is summoned to another world by a flighty wizard and told she is a legendary hero and must defeat a magic-devouring cosmic horror with her seven companions.
The plot will get crazy later on. I guarantee this. If you don't like Homestuck because it's slow paced, meandering and heavily reliant on pop culture references, you may find this a bit more to your liking.

At the moment there are some animated gifs in there, but that's not the end of my ambitions. I'm planning to have flash animations with music as well, and currently have a talented young composer working on a piece for the first flash animated segment.
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I've started reading, I've got to say I'm quite enjoying it thusfar. Joe Jou's hammy otaku white-knighting is just perfect. Not to mention the levels of snark Minerva is throwing out in response. This is no news to anyone, but your inks are as bold, dynamic, and smooth as ever. It seems to work really well in the couple of flashes I've seen. Also, your knack for character design is impressive. I have no complaints, really.
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