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Old 04-02-2002, 04:26 PM   #1
Deya Yamada
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happy DBZ...Nazi Propaganda

Mwah hah..I love this post, it actualy striked up a really convincing argument among the "enigma" community...

Well I'll start with a big un

Dragon Ball Z, is possibly the most Nazi Propoganda infested program I have seen for some time....A pink fat obviously jewish/Gay villan that must be defeated by Warriors who turn blonde and have blue eyes when they become "super powerful" Hmmmn I must say its rather obvious that this cult TV show even though it originates in an Anti-nazi Country is Pro Nazi, this sort of TV showing possibly shows how far things have gone wrong and maybe freedom needs to be a llittle checked before we see more filth like DBZ on our screens.

The Possibility of another Hitler type person getting into power is not hard to envisage even now, look at Robert Mugabe....its appeasement all over again the EU and US have done NOTHING concrete to stop him and yet we do not complain, how long before Rober Mugabe starts a "reich" and a chunk of Africa comes under his sway?

The same comes true of DBZ if it is not stopped what stops the Programmers starting to include anti-semitic things into the programme? how long before The 12-16 Age bracket that watches this become bigots and racists?

Could WW3 start out of ignorance like WW2 did?

It's actualy quite convincing and the little discussion can be found here

And another thing...what did come first? Super Sonic or Super Sayjin? Meh *Shrugs shoulders* hope the bove stuff didn't offend anyone.
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Dave DDepo
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Er dude, you seen the RR army, Brownshirts man Brownshirts, also there leader is a guy that looks like a fat Hitler
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Old 13-08-2002, 04:10 PM   #3
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also,saiya-jin are seen as a superior race. and super sonic was based on/nicked off DBZ,but super sonic is still better...
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Old 13-08-2002, 07:11 PM   #4
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I can see the headlines now:

Indiana Jones Movies banned following discovery of hidden nazi references!
How could parents have overlooked this?

These people should go and write science fiction stories... get rich quick! Yup, mr. Mugabe will take over Afrikca and start the fourth reich, that is, if his subordinates don't die of famine first. I wonder if the writer's knowledge of Africa includes small details like that.

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Old 19-01-2012, 08:04 PM   #5
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rage Dbz does not have a nazi influence

First, the most powerful SSJ has black hair Yellow eyes, and the saiyan race thinks they are better than everyone is because of the fact that they have the power to destroy planets in a blink of an eye. Not because they just think they are better than everyone. Plus, Toriyama made the saiyans out to be very prideful, and would something that thinks it is better than everyone else need to increase his power? Wouldn't they be Blond and have blue eyes in the first place?
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Cardboard boxes
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...was this the standard of discussion here in 2002? Good lord.
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A Colorful Antithesis
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...I come back after an era and a half and this is what I see? Good Lord, what has happened? xD

But no, in all seriousness, if it didn't sound like such a load of blarney at first look, it could create one of those interesting theory posts you see about a lot of other cartoons.
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Terrifyingly that's the sort of thing I would have nodded along with in 2002. Luckily I grew up!
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My word! I almost slipped off my chair reading that one
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Originally Posted by yakumo View Post
My word! I almost slipped off my chair reading that one
I think you are not the only one who reacted that way to this article.
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