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Default Let me tell you...about Homestuck

So there are definitely a few Homestuck fans on this forum. I think it needs its own thread. What is Homestuck and why should you read it?

-Homestuck is a webcomic.
-Homestuck is not a webcomic.
-It is put together with single panels, but sometimes more than one panel or sometimes animated gifs or flash animations or even interactive flash applications and games. It has twenty musical albums with well over a hundred musical tracks and in wordcount is longer than War and Peace. It is in page count currently the longest webcomic ever even though it's been going for only a few years. It updates without warning at any time with an average of 5.5 pages per day.
-It is about kids messing around in their houses.
-It is about an epic quest and the apocalypse and the creation of the world.
-It has four main characters. John, a sweet natured dork who has terrible taste in movies and likes oldskool pranks, Rose, an aloof budding psychoanalyst with a passion for eldritch horror, Dave, a smug hipster who makes terrible comics and blogs ironically and Jade, a kooky mysterious girl with many hobbies who can see the future.
-It actually has about 20 main characters.

Homestuck to me represents an exciting new direction for comics. It embraces all kinds of media in order to tell the story and isn't afraid to try new things with the format. The early pages are based on suggestions from readers, while later this became impossible as the readerbase exploded in size. Sometimes the web page interface itself is even used to tell the story. It's continually inventive and fascinating. The characters take simple archetypes and play with them and also have amazingly iconic designs. The use of language is clever, intertwining obscure and archaic vocabulary with modern slang and internet terminology. It is basically my favourite webcomic ever.

Please note that it contains language that may be unsuitable for younger readers.
The comic is here:

If the sheer amount of reading involved and the walls of text seem a little intimidating, there's also the 'Let's Read' on Youtube, which has full voice acting. I'll be turning up as the voice actress for Kanaya in a couple of updates, and I'm pretty excited about that:

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Default Homestuck

1. Jegus/Gog, a comical misspelling of Jesus and God originating from the character Terezi and used as an in-joke throughout the comic. It is actually quite rare to see a Homestuck character, whether in fanart or canon works, using the correct spelling. Commonly considered by the fandom to be either a dead meme or just annoying.
2. All the X. ALL OF IT is a phrase associated with the character Vriska Sekret. It is, as suggested, used to demonstrate that a specific person or group is in possession of the entirety of any specific thing.

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