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Old 28-01-2010, 06:09 PM   #1
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Default Pimp my webcomic (as promised in podcast #28)

So, as mentioned towards the end of the latest podast, if you have an ongoing webcomic, this is your chance to share it.
Let's make this a directory of SD forum webcomics!

What we want here is a list of comics that are hosted online and are ready to read. Try to limit it to comics that already have a good 10 pages or so ready to read. We all know how quickly some projects can fizzle or be replaced, so let's stick to those that are going to be around for a while, yeah?

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Is now on Tumblr
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My comic (as can be seen in the manga creation section) Is Abysmal, currently at 64 pages with more to be added soon.
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It's already in my sig, but may as well jump in!

My webcomic is Japanofail, a 4koma-style gag strip of random otaku-themed failures. I'd been away from it for the last month due to real life commitments, but it just started up again yesterday!

Updates are once a week on Wednesdays and we're currently halfway through issue 2 of the printed version. I've got enough strips from it to last until May, so it'll be around for at least that long! *must do more sometime*

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Darth Mongoose
The DupliKate
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As mentioned on the podcast and in my sig, I draw 'Fan Dan Go', it updates Wednesdays and Sundays. Currently at um...26 pages or so.

It's an action comedy with some drama set in a fantasy world with 'retropunk' elements (meaning it's influenced by the 20th Century mixed with modern and Fantastic elements). All you really need to know is that a girl in flares with a giant sword kicks people with ray guns against psychedelic backgrounds. If that sounds awesome to you, you should read it.

...or click the banner in my sig!
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Instant Comics is where I host short stories. They are all random themes and drawn in different styles (full colour or black and white).

I currently update friday mornings (before lunch time GMT)

The current comic is Best Day Ever.
I guess the best way to describe it is 'Ferris Bueller meets Scott Pilgrim .... in Britain '?
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Default Shadow Sprinters

Heya! I think I pimped out once before already but hey doesn't hurt to do it again.

Title: Shadow Sprinters
Recommended Rating: Teen+
Filter: Horrific imagery, mild drug use, sexual content (most later)
Intro: A universe alternative to our own, technology being far more advanced. The Shadow Particles, or dark matter as we know it, has dominated most of Earth's atmosphere. People developed a certain gear which allows the user to 'touch' and 'control' these molcules. Over time, a certain dangerous sport was made from this. Shadow Sprint.

Read here
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Old 29-01-2010, 11:19 PM   #7
We like beans and sauce
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I think my pimping thread is still warm too, but hey, here goes:

Currently satirising catgirls. Whatever your love is, rest assured I'll get to it eventually.

obligatory homepage
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Old 31-01-2010, 09:00 PM   #8
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Hmm... My pimping thread went cold-ish a while back.

Can't hurt to post here too :P

My webcomic is called PURGE (I like to typeface it like that, it looks more badass XD)

I started it not long ago, and intend to take the story on for a long time (Hopefully)

- - - - - - - - -

It's a rather grim story, a young dude/killer named Noah blessed with immortality, goes around a corrupted city slaying peeps who also kill, but kill innocent people. There's also some romance in there too, but not yet.

....i'm crap at writing blurbs.

Updates bi-weekly.
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Old 31-01-2010, 09:31 PM   #9
Art supplies are my energy!!
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New on the production table,
I choose you! My webcomic Brain Hack
or just click the banner below!
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is all tied up!
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Because there's no such thing as over-pimping your comic: Go read Circuit Breaker here! It's kind of like the bastard love-child of Enid Blyton and The Matrix. Set in Communist Russia (well, sort of), it features mad scientists, teenage angst and spinal implants. It updates on Tuesdays (unless we forget).
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