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sweatdrop Sweatdrop Podcast #28 - Comics v2.0

Sweatdrop Podcast #28 - Comics v2.0
27th of Feb

It's 2010 everybody. It's the future! What better way to kick things off than talk about the future of comics. Comics v2.0! In this podcast we discuss Webcomics, the pro's and con's, why do we do it, and share general advice from our own experiences. And yes, we know webcomics have been around for years, just humour us would you? IT'S THE FUTURE!! ZOMG!!

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Hosted by:
- Emma Vieceli
- Selina Dean
- Morag Lewis
- Chloe Citrine
- Faye Yong
- Sonia Leong
- Fehed Said

Edited by:
- Fehed Said

email us at:

The attachment below will make sense if you listen to the Podcast XD
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Really interesting podcast. Especially because ZOMG you actually called me by my name!? What is this madness!?

I actually started out as a webcomic artist, then started to dabble in print comics myself, and it probably shows because I write pages like a webcomic artist even when working for print. I always forget I can make 2 pages spreads and unconsciously end pages with a 'hit' because I think of pages individually, not sitting next to each other.

Megatokyo wasn't just my first webcomic experience, but actually my first manga (as opposed to anime) experience, so since I had read short comics and webcomics before getting into reading Japanese manga, this 'end with a punchline/drama hit' seemed like just 'how you make comics'. When working for webcomics, you should try to think of pages existing individually, so it's a good habit, because even an archive-trawler will have a longer pause between pages than somebody flipping pages would. When writing for print though, I really have to fight these habits because I want to punchline everything, and never think about the pages as a spread, or putting cliffhangers on page turns!

One thing not mentioned in the podcast, which I've found from experience, and has been confirmed by a lot of friends on webcomic communities: Colour gets more readers. This isn't to say that you can't have a popular black and white webcomic (just look at megatokyo) but colour does attract people to a webcomic. With the old FanDanGo, my readership pretty much doubled when I switched to colour. That said, as Sonia mentioned, colouring takes a long time. It adds at least an hour per page for me compared to black and white! I think of 'Fan Dan Go' as a webcomic first and foremost, rather than a print comic that's going online, and try to make the most of the format, while also keeping everything I need to print it.

Oh, and since there are sites now like cafepress and the like...make some merchandise! You'd be amazed, but people do buy it. With one of these sites, you won't make a lot off purchases, but it won't cost you anything, so you have nothing to lose and a little to gain. Even with a readership of just a few hundred, I sold merch for the old version of the comic. When I reach 30 pages, I intend to get some Project Wonderful ads and make some merch. Merchandise is great! People pay you to advertise your comic!
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Oh... My....God
I don't know whether to jump up and down with joy or hide in the corner out of embarrassment.
I can't believe my great fat stupid error was enough to get me a mention

Aside, those are the coolest socks I've ever seen!
I am slightly obsessed with frogs and these are just plain awesome!

My first webcomic that really hooked me (which is an achievement as I am really not a webcomicker) had to be beaver and steve
I mean they are soooooo hilarious. As to whether the awesome James Turner (who I met at expo^^) will be returning to b+s's dastardly adventures or not no-one knows but I do hope so

Scary go round, I wasn't really that keen on but I still managed to meet John Allison at expo and get a signed copy of ghosts off him, does this mean that the comic is now valuable

Comments are wonderful but torturous. I find that when I'm posting up art, I tend to post a large number of images over a close nit time period and this isn't so great because you find that the number of comments you get each time goes lower and lower until everyone is fed up of you posting all the time
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jimmy x
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Almost through listening but will go ahead and post a bit. I love me some webcomics and champion them on my podcast whenever I can. Real quick though: The Boondocks (one of my fave strips) actually was syndicated in newspapers and then collected in volumes. And then made into the awesome animated series. Great stuff!

Here are some of my webcomic faves:

1. Hark! A Vagrant by Kate Beaton. She makes history funny! Really smart and clever.

2. The Zombie Hunters by Jenny Romanchuk. Harrowing tale of survival after a zombie outbreak. Sound familiar? Don't bet on it!

3. The Fart Party by Julia Wertz. Autobio comic about Julia's life. Sarcastic, irreverent, and just plain wrong. But hilarious!

4. Cow & Buffalo by Mike Maihack. Mike was my booth neighbor at Heroes con. Nicest guy and super talented. C&B is about a cow and a buffalo who are friends and go off on adventures. Very funny and innocent stuff. All ages. He also has a great new one called Cleopatra In Space. Epic space adventure tale about Cleopatra in the future. Great start!

5. Gods & Undergrads by Monica Gallagher. Long running story about college life mixed w/ Greek mythology. Monica also has a great new webcomic called Bonnie N. Collide about a roller derby girl.

6. The Loneliest Astronauts by Kevin Church/Ming Doyle. 2 astronauts stuck on the moon. And they hate each other. Hilarity ensues!

I could go on. Act-i-vate has some great stuff. As does DC's Zuda comics.

p.s. Emma and Sonia know this news but wanted to share w/ you all. I look forward to meeting many of you in May. I'm over from NYC for both Bristol and MCM Expos!
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Has anybody seen the bridge?
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Fantastic podcast as usual - especially interesting for me as I got into manga from webcomics!

I'm always a little torn on the format, as I prefer the pace of print - when I [re]discovered print comics (saying that makes me sound like I lived under a rock until 2006 ) I shyed away from webcomics for a while, deciding I prefered occasional big chunks of comic than a slow dribble. But this opinion changed once I started using the mighty Google Reader, and I get a daily dose of comic without having to worry about when and how often the various stories update.

I was surprised that nobody mentioned Questionable Content. I've been reading it for a couple of years now, and think it's a very good example of how webcomics should be done, or at least how they can be done well.
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I used to read Questionable Content avidly, totally slipped my mind but you're right, they had an interesting format that I found worked quite well.

Might go back and see if it's possible to get back into it.
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Great inputs,'s amazing how things can slip your mind when recording! How could I have forgotten Beaver and Steve!!!

And woo - can't wait to see you at the show, Jimmy! ^_^
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Regarding where to host your webcomic, there was some mention of Comic Genesis (formerly KeenSpace) but no recommendation that you use it. I'm just here to make absolutely sure that you don't even consider it.

When I was looking, I started off with CG, as a lot of the comics I read are host there, so I applied. I was granted, but that was only the start. Unless you read the CG forum, you won't know that the system has been all but annihilated for all users who registered since about May 2009.

This is due to them using the user/password combinations for the forum to also log into the site itself. When the forum software (bog standard phpBB) was updated to fix a hack, the site access to the password database was cut off. Hence no-one could log in to the control panel that lets you upload comics, manually refresh, etc. As a consequence of this, you can't upload adverts onto the CG ad network (which is otherwise great). So new comics are stuck without proper updating and no advertising.

Currently people are getting by on FTP access and once-a-day auto updates, but it's beginning to crumble, and there's only two volunteers running the entire site. After months of trying to fix it, they've eventually given up and are recoding the entire thing from the ground up. In their spare time. It was at that point I went to Smack Jeeves instead.

obligatory homepage
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Great pod cast guys! very informative, funny and insightful as ever!

The web comics I regularly keep up with were pretty much all mentioned before. Penny arcade, Scary go round, The everyday, Hark a Vagrant!, Creased comics and of course Dragon Heir.

and the KGB are currently my go to serieseses. 1 page weekly comics always worth the wait.

I think the sign of a good web comic is the level of impatient agony experienced waiting for the next update. Which is a good thing (...?)
__________________ /
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