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Almost through listening but will go ahead and post a bit. I love me some webcomics and champion them on my podcast whenever I can. Real quick though: The Boondocks (one of my fave strips) actually was syndicated in newspapers and then collected in volumes. And then made into the awesome animated series. Great stuff!

Here are some of my webcomic faves:

1. Hark! A Vagrant by Kate Beaton. She makes history funny! Really smart and clever.

2. The Zombie Hunters by Jenny Romanchuk. Harrowing tale of survival after a zombie outbreak. Sound familiar? Don't bet on it!

3. The Fart Party by Julia Wertz. Autobio comic about Julia's life. Sarcastic, irreverent, and just plain wrong. But hilarious!

4. Cow & Buffalo by Mike Maihack. Mike was my booth neighbor at Heroes con. Nicest guy and super talented. C&B is about a cow and a buffalo who are friends and go off on adventures. Very funny and innocent stuff. All ages. He also has a great new one called Cleopatra In Space. Epic space adventure tale about Cleopatra in the future. Great start!

5. Gods & Undergrads by Monica Gallagher. Long running story about college life mixed w/ Greek mythology. Monica also has a great new webcomic called Bonnie N. Collide about a roller derby girl.

6. The Loneliest Astronauts by Kevin Church/Ming Doyle. 2 astronauts stuck on the moon. And they hate each other. Hilarity ensues!

I could go on. Act-i-vate has some great stuff. As does DC's Zuda comics.

p.s. Emma and Sonia know this news but wanted to share w/ you all. I look forward to meeting many of you in May. I'm over from NYC for both Bristol and MCM Expos!
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