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Oh... My....God
I don't know whether to jump up and down with joy or hide in the corner out of embarrassment.
I can't believe my great fat stupid error was enough to get me a mention

Aside, those are the coolest socks I've ever seen!
I am slightly obsessed with frogs and these are just plain awesome!

My first webcomic that really hooked me (which is an achievement as I am really not a webcomicker) had to be beaver and steve
I mean they are soooooo hilarious. As to whether the awesome James Turner (who I met at expo^^) will be returning to b+s's dastardly adventures or not no-one knows but I do hope so

Scary go round, I wasn't really that keen on but I still managed to meet John Allison at expo and get a signed copy of ghosts off him, does this mean that the comic is now valuable

Comments are wonderful but torturous. I find that when I'm posting up art, I tend to post a large number of images over a close nit time period and this isn't so great because you find that the number of comments you get each time goes lower and lower until everyone is fed up of you posting all the time
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