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sweatdrop Sweatdrop Podcast #28 - Comics v2.0

Sweatdrop Podcast #28 - Comics v2.0
27th of Feb

It's 2010 everybody. It's the future! What better way to kick things off than talk about the future of comics. Comics v2.0! In this podcast we discuss Webcomics, the pro's and con's, why do we do it, and share general advice from our own experiences. And yes, we know webcomics have been around for years, just humour us would you? IT'S THE FUTURE!! ZOMG!!

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(24MB, 103 minutes long)

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Hosted by:
- Emma Vieceli
- Selina Dean
- Morag Lewis
- Chloe Citrine
- Faye Yong
- Sonia Leong
- Fehed Said

Edited by:
- Fehed Said

email us at:

The attachment below will make sense if you listen to the Podcast XD
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